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Agro Protection USA Inc. provides intellectual property protection (I.P.P.) services for the agricultural industry throughout the United States.
Serving a wide range of clients, Agro Protection has been helping to protect agricultural intellectual properties since 1996. With American headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada and utilizing staff scattered across North America, Agro Protection USA has developed a vast array of expertise and experience in helping companies to protect their products and maintain a level playing field for their customers, while at the same time treating their customers with respect and dignity.




Agro Protection is looking to fill seasonal contracts that begin approximately in early May and end in late August.  Specifically, individuals are required to conduct farm visits on growers accessing our client’s technologies.  This includes confirming where all seed was obtained by the grower and conducting sampling, as per protocol. This role works with the Agro Protection program staff who are responsible for the programs that occur annually. Training is provided for auditors at the beginning of each growing season. Agro Protection needs to conduct work in the following geographic regions (please note the areas in red have had all positions filled):




The incumbent must be physically fit and able to stand and walk for sustained periods of time, as well as drive considerable distances.  Work is generally conducted in an agricultural environment, with farm visits and field sampling protocols. Ipad technology is used and a minimum level of comfort with these devices is required. Sensory attention and concentration are key, as this work is evidentiary in nature and requires a strong focus on details and accuracy.



  • Exceptional communication skills – face-to-face, over the phone and in writing.
  • Client focused – providing a high level of service and seeking ways to ensure the field check or farm visit is a pleasant experience for the grower.
  • Strong attention to detail is essential.
  • Comfort and proficiency with technology including use of an iPad, Wi-Fi, and use of GPS technology.
  • A valid driver’s license and personal vehicle are required (see compensation below).
  • A personal cell phone is required (see compensation below). An iPad is provided for use during the growing season.


Auditors bill Agro Protection utilizing an hourly rate. Mileage and disbursements are provided for farm visits.

Auditors invest their time for the annual training, however, disbursements such as travel, accommodation, and meals are paid. Additionally, monthly compensation for a cell phone and iPad data plan are provided.


You will be successful as an auditor if you enjoy connecting with people and providing exceptional customer service. You also enjoy getting together with your peers at the beginning of the season. The majority of auditors tend to be, although not exclusively, retired from service in law enforcement or military.


Please call Kerri Taylor at (800) 667-2992
or email her at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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